Mountaineering with the Blain’s

Oct. 14-16, 2005

It was a normal friday morning in Mid-October, bright sunny, with a little nip in the air. So, normal, yet something’s different…but what is it…..OH YEA, we’re going to Highland’s!!! The Blain/Henderson Fall Trip #1….
Highland’s, NC

We stayed in the beautiful Dillard House. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalacian Mountains. This first pic is the WONDERFULLY “FALL-ISTIC” view from our back porch. It was only the beginning! It only got better from there.

As a matter of fact, not even the $7 roast beef sandwich with no chips or a drink, could even put a damper on this magnificant get-away!

Oh and by the way, most (all) of the pic’s here are provided by the artistic photography of noneother than David Blain…

As a matter of fact this is Davey’s favorite pic ——>

Here are the lovely couples now.

The Ladies Chillin’ at Glenn Falls!

The Blain’s at Whiteside Mountain, had to hike like 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,001 feet to get to this gorgeous spot! (he he he) but it was so worth it!

This my friends is the Giant Poplar…well, sort of, it’s the biggest tree we found on the way to the Giant Poplar. We decided we couldn’t make the trek….

Mr. and Mrs. Hendu atop the Whiteside Trail!

Can you believe that this exists!? God is wonderful! He making me love Him more and more with every turn of the head!! By the way this is Culasulja Falls!

Look at this beautiful picture of….wait. Is that…yes it is, it is DAVEY BLAIN!!! Another great shot from Glenn Falls!

Look what Davey and I caught down in the Culasulja Gorge…. An Elder…

Here is Davey and Heather reminiscing at Sunset Rock… it wasn’t but a couple of years ago that the Blain’s were merely Heather and Davey… Until one Cold Snowy day in February (a couple years ago) that Davey asked Heather Henderson to be Mrs. Blain…….and we all know how that turned out!

The Beautiful view of downtown Highland’s from atop Sunset Rock! Breathtaking! Just like everyother view of ANYTHING in this part of the country!

I mean WOW!!! I wish I could put all the pic Davey Took on here. But there’s just no room. You’ll just have to check it out for yourselves!!

Man, that is Truely GOD’S Country!

Star Studed Braves games…

We weren’t the only thing smokin’ in the Sun at the Braves game Sunday. The Stars were out too.
Look here’s Usher cooling down with an ICE-COLD COKE!

Good thing we had our camera’s!

Looks like Chipper took the day off to visit with the fans… Heather’s more star struck than a deer in headlights.

The Francour Franks are out too…
Man what more could we ask for…………


Dang, even the ladies were smokin’!

Davey and Heather kickin’ it @ Turner Field!

Only the 2nd ever picture of Holly and Trav Trav…. MAKE A COPY!

It’s Mr. and Mrs. Hendu…. takin’ it all in before we head the the greatest place on Earth…No not Disney world! crazy… Turner Field!

Had a great time guys! Can’t wait until the Playoffs. We’ll have to make a trip to see the NLDS!!!! I’ll leave you with a pic of Giles as he smashes his 13th Homer of the year!

Pictures courtesy of David Blain…

first ever COED 1 sunday school party!!!

This was by far the best “party” we’ve ever had at our house. And that’s not just because it’s the only party we’ve ever had at our house, 🙂 Thanks guys for giving us (jill) the opportunity to get the house all dootied up and looking pretty….I had a great time and I hope all of you did too. Oh and by the way, Davey…It’s The COLOR of Money… just a little reminder.

Thanks for a great night can’t wait until next time! See you Sunday!

The winners of Cheeto-Head…..

Ryan and Melissa Clark!!!!!!!

1 year!

cake mix – $4
icing – $3.50
a beautiful cake – free (Aunt)

Still good after one year! — priceless!!!

roughin’ it with Brandi and Shane…

Those burger stood NO chance!!!!!

Just a little eye-candy for ya, courtesy of the great Cheaha Mountain, so very close to the most wonderful city in all the world….and nestled in the foothills of this beautiful mountain…Anniston, AL!!!

View from the top…just, wow. This trip was one of the best times i’ve ever had in the woods! It’s hard to beat good views, good food, and GREAT
friends…just no comparison.

A Smore of a Good TIME

Happy Birthday Luke!!

Jill’s Friend Luke Hamilton, rollin’ over another year…His shin dig was in B-Ham at Botega, great FOOD…i give it a 3.5 on Hendu’s scale-o-Food….

In the NOW…..

What can i say i love pictures. Hopefully ya’ll do to! Here are some pics from the balloon glow that Jill and i went to. This was one of the neatest things, first off it’s at callaway gardens!! So right off the top it’s beautiful, 2nd it was a wonderfully perfect night, and well…here they are i wish all y’all could’ve been there!

The harley balloon rocks! But the Hooters balloon that REMAX was so obviously pushing out of the way was by far the biggest and brightest!

The Beginning!!!!!!

What else can i say?

MR. and MRS. HENDU!!!———>>>>

The greatest Day of my life and every single one of my favorite people were there!!! I can’t tell ya’ll how much that meant to me and jill!!!!!


The Night before our lives began…

Jill and I aren’t the PDA types, so i think this shows the emotion that was swarming around us that week!

By the way, i know all this stuff has already happened, i just want to share some of these pictures with everyone. And also to say thanks for being apart!! love you guys.

Rachel, Becca, and Biscuet!!!

The wonderful DJ of the night Jon Walden, with the no DJ required CD version of the dance music.

Check out Meredith breakin’ it down!!! and
Peeta…Miss you guys!

The freshly engaged Lombardi, (Sept. 15, 2005) leading the group in a little, well, two step.

We’re Getting there…

WOW!! There she is…my angel. This is a day trip we took to Destin, the best beach in the WORLD! Henderson Beach… This was Tan and Bake time….soon it was on to THE BACK PORCH for dinner….Ya’ll should all try it. It’s great seafood. So anyway, 8 hours of driving on made for some good bonding time, not to mention the wonderful meditaion like mini-vacation for both of us.


Before we were Mr. and Mrs. we were just Josh and Jill. This was my girlfriend! Ain’t she sexy!? Our first braves game together and also the night I told her I loved her. She said….ummmm, Not ready…WHAT!? not ready, what ever the heck that meant. Anyway, she loved me she just didn’t want to say it. Because, well just cause. By the way the Braves did win this game and it was the best time I’d ever had at a ball game, and ya’ll know how many i’ve been to.

Well, i’m really doing this blog thing to catch everyone up and to continue the story of Josh and Jill….interesting, or boring as it may seem. We think this is a great way to keep up with the friends that we can’t see everyday. And let ya’ll in on our life.

This is my BRICK!!! My name is immortalized at Plainsmen Park!!! Thank you so much who ever did that! I still have no idea….But it’s cool anyway.

Memphis! What else can i say…this is the first time that Jill did TN’s State HOG Rally Logo. Man can you believe that Jill’s a Harley Chick!? I didn’t until i actually saw it for myself. This was probably the most anticipated event of OUR summer! It was the first time i’d been to Memphis and the best time i’ll probably ever have there! It was truly a big step in our future.

Beale ST. —>

Ok guys that’s enough for tonight next time i’ll tell ya’ll about the time we… well crap, i’ll think of something funny. Anyway, have a good one…