The Night before our lives began…

Jill and I aren’t the PDA types, so i think this shows the emotion that was swarming around us that week!

By the way, i know all this stuff has already happened, i just want to share some of these pictures with everyone. And also to say thanks for being apart!! love you guys.

Rachel, Becca, and Biscuet!!!

The wonderful DJ of the night Jon Walden, with the no DJ required CD version of the dance music.

Check out Meredith breakin’ it down!!! and
Peeta…Miss you guys!

The freshly engaged Lombardi, (Sept. 15, 2005) leading the group in a little, well, two step.

We’re Getting there…

WOW!! There she is…my angel. This is a day trip we took to Destin, the best beach in the WORLD! Henderson Beach… This was Tan and Bake time….soon it was on to THE BACK PORCH for dinner….Ya’ll should all try it. It’s great seafood. So anyway, 8 hours of driving on made for some good bonding time, not to mention the wonderful meditaion like mini-vacation for both of us.


Before we were Mr. and Mrs. we were just Josh and Jill. This was my girlfriend! Ain’t she sexy!? Our first braves game together and also the night I told her I loved her. She said….ummmm, Not ready…WHAT!? not ready, what ever the heck that meant. Anyway, she loved me she just didn’t want to say it. Because, well just cause. By the way the Braves did win this game and it was the best time I’d ever had at a ball game, and ya’ll know how many i’ve been to.

Well, i’m really doing this blog thing to catch everyone up and to continue the story of Josh and Jill….interesting, or boring as it may seem. We think this is a great way to keep up with the friends that we can’t see everyday. And let ya’ll in on our life.

This is my BRICK!!! My name is immortalized at Plainsmen Park!!! Thank you so much who ever did that! I still have no idea….But it’s cool anyway.

Memphis! What else can i say…this is the first time that Jill did TN’s State HOG Rally Logo. Man can you believe that Jill’s a Harley Chick!? I didn’t until i actually saw it for myself. This was probably the most anticipated event of OUR summer! It was the first time i’d been to Memphis and the best time i’ll probably ever have there! It was truly a big step in our future.

Beale ST. —>

Ok guys that’s enough for tonight next time i’ll tell ya’ll about the time we… well crap, i’ll think of something funny. Anyway, have a good one…