Ethan Hits Day 2

Well Jill and I are going to be in the hospital until this afternoon. I think that’s been the worst of this whole new world for us, is not being able to go home. But the nurses have been GREAT and our pediatrician and OB have been great too. The OB (Dr. Stewart) said that this was only the 3rd delivery like in his 17 years! In case y’all didn’t know Ethan came out looking at the world… (instead of the normal back of the head first) The nurse was so excited about seeing this she kept making a oval with her hands and scrunching her face above her eye brows and below her nose and saying “This is all I saw!!!” It was too funny. 

Ok I’m going to get some more pics up because Ethan is really starting to look like Ethan and I can’t describe to you in words how good he looks…that’s handsome…. not pretty. 🙂

Our Baby’s presence was even graced by a member of the US Coast Guard!! Now how many baby’s can say that? It was great to see you Russell. Jill and I are very excited that you were home when Ethan came. It’s good to be able to share this moment with you. (Thanks for bringing him Aunt Donna! We love y’all) 

Thanks again for everyone’s thoughts and prayers… Jill and I know we don’t deserve the love that we receive from y’all. But know that we feel love for all of you just as you have shown us. God Bless all of you.Ethan Says Hello Ethan Day 2  Ethan Just Chillin'

Ethan Scott Henderson has Arrived!!

Ok, so what can I say? I am now officially a dad…. wow! Jill was just as beautiful after the birth as she was before the birth. The emotions going through me right now I honestly can not describe. He is just exactly the way we expected him to be… but so far he has only cried 2 times and it’s been almost 18 hours.  Here are the Numbers: 

  • Name: Ethan Scott Henderson
  • Born: 4/7/08 @ 4:40 pm
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Length: 19.5 in

and here are his first pics and a couple more.  The Last Mommy's First Time Momma, Deddy and Baby  Jill and I want to thank all of you for all your prayers and thoughts and gifts and everything y’all have all done for us. There’s no way he would have been able to make it here with out y’all.  

The Early Sites

These are sites I did or helped in some way with before I was a “real” designer. So you should be able to tell in the way they look. Also, some of these guys don’t even have a web presence anymore.

Carnival Recording
Carnival Recording (Nashville, TN)Sports Academy (Auburn, AL)
Veritcal Ministries (Auburn, AL)
Veritcal Ministries (Auburn, AL)
Grace Campus Ministries (Hong Cong, China formally Auburn, AL)
Grace Campus Ministries (Hong Cong, China formally Auburn, AL)
AUMC: Missions (Auburn, AL)
AUMC: Missions (Auburn, AL)
Lake Country Lodge (Alaska)
Lake Country Lodge (Alaska)

Taylor Hicks graces Columbus!

Well guys, Taylor Hicks came into town a Feb. 28th. It was great, and Jill absolutely loved it!!!  And I even got a sweet video, and some great pics…and well, I deleteTaylor Hicksd them…by Accident!!!! How do you right-click, select all and delete EVERY PICTURE IN THE FOLDER without even trying!?!?! I can tell you it’s mere talent! Man I can’t believe it!!

Well, Spoonful James opened for Taylor. And I’m sure they were good, but we couldn’t understand a word they sang. But the music was great…anyway, here are a few picks from Spoonful James…ok so it’s only 1. That’s all I’ve got, leave me alone :p

UPS Bowl ’07

This my friends is the most under estimated bowl game of the year…as a matter of fact it’s so under-rated that the only people even there to witness this glorious display of football execellence was Jill and Seth’s Girlfriend. How sad! Y’all missed out!!! Here’s just a taste of what you missed…

This is me tackleing Steven 





And here’s the winning team…NOTE: I’m not in the picture. 🙁Winners of the 2007 UPS Bowl


This is everybody…they let me be in this one.