A Whole New World!

Ok, so he’s been to New York City, Yankee Stadium, Gulf Shores, Destin, he’s even flown in his short 4 months, but little did Ethan know that there were little people just like him…

He’s also been learning the Tomahawk-Chop (so he doen’t get confused about who to root for 🙂 ), and learning how to sit up all by himself. Oh yeah, and just tonight… about 20 minutes ago he held his bottle for the first time!!! Granted it was a little wobbly and Momma had to hold it steady and teach him that just because your ear has a hole doesn’t mean that you can eat with it, he did a great job.

So here are 3 new sets of pics for you see if you like.

New Friends…

Kyndal’s daughter, Addison and Bren, Jenna’s daughter (Ethan’s cousin)

Holding his Bottle!!! YEAH!

Random…(note: the Braves pj’s)

Finally The First Beach Trip…(Gulf Shores)

Ok I know that I’ve already had Ethan’s “First Beach Trip” pic’s on here, but this is was actually his first beach trip… he just didn’t make it to the beach. All these pics are off Grammy and Grandeddy’s camera and it’s taken me forever to remember to get them… so that’s my fault not theirs. Anyway, there are a couple of good ones of Ethan with Paw-Paw and Grandeddy. Just thought you might like to check them out even though they’re late… ENJOY!


CBS | Early Show Highlights

I never thought that we’d be the parents that pushed Ethan into doing something that he didn’t want to do… but I think he’s really got something. And we’ve got to hit that audience as soon as possible so Jamie Lynn Spears baby doesn’t steal all the “New Baby Spotlight.” 🙂 Ok I’m just kidding, we just used him to get us on TV… and it worked 🙂 This is super corny, but we will probably never be on TV again so we ate it up.

Jill, Ethan, and I got up really early last Saturday and strolled on down to the CBS studios on the South Eastern corner of Central Park(… right next to the Apple Store) and waited to be placed for the show. We got lucky and were put right behind the anchors at the beginning of the show. Anyway, this video is made up of a couple of clips from that morning with us in it. One is a segment about gas prices and map quest that’s about 6 minutes long, but we are all in that one (in the right corner mostly). They do show us and talk about our sign toward the end of the clip so don’t turn it off early. As you’re watching we are the ones with the cool sign that Jill made. It says, “We got up EARLY so you would SHOW our baby on tv.”

Don’t forget to wave at us!! 

[I would hit play then pause and let it download awhile before watching; it’s 147 MB.]

NYC, Here Come the Henderson’s

This was truly the trip of a lifetime! As most of you know Yankee Stadium is coming down this year. No I’m not a Yankee fan, just a baseball fan. And anyone that knows anything about baseball knows that the greatest players of all time played at Yankee Stadium… Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, the list goes on and on… what’s that? Oh yeah, how could I forget him… The Babe, Hence the stadium’s nickname “The House that Ruth Built.”

So back to the story my lovely wife some how found tickets to the Yankees vs. Red Sox, for this past weekend, a few months ago. It’s the last year that this historic sports icon is going to be in existance and it’s the rivalry to end all rivalries. Every pitch there were over 59,000 fans hollerin’. EVERY PITCH! It was great!! 

The rest is history as they say. We were on the CBS Early Show, went to the Natural History Museum, Apple Store, 5th Ave., Central Park (sort of), we rode in a NY Taxi!,  we stayed one block from Time Square and we still didn’t get to do even 1/2 of what we wanted to do.  This could have not been a better trip for Ethan’s first ball game! It was one he will never forget… if he remembers it at all. 🙂

Anyway there are pic’s of the game earlier in this blog. So here are some pics of the city and us. There should be some footage of the game and the Early Show soon:

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Worm on his way “Over There”

Richard is going over to Iraq… actually he should be there as I’m typing this. But he’ll be there for 6 months so lets all please keep him in your prayers. Because even though he’s not fighting, he will be working around the fighting. Anyway, he left Friday from Ft. Benning and should return in December. So everytime you see Evan give him a big hug, and tell him Christmas is almost here, because this will probably be the best one he ever has (with Richard coming back.)

Richard, Evan, Me, and EthanThis pic is from Thurday. Richard, Mike, Wanda, Julie and Evan all came over to the house for dinner to see him off.

1st (really 2nd) Trip to the Beach…

Ok so Ethan actually went to Gulf Shores a week before this just never set foot on the sand… technically he never touched the sand this time either. The point is he was fortunate enough to hear the ocean and take a nap on the beach with his Deddy. ( That’s me. )

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Just a few to update…

Ethan has grown and GROWN! These pics are from week 5 and Let me tell you… he has gained about 3 pounds since these pics. So just wait until i get the Gulf Shores pics up this week!! He just keeps getting more and more handsome. Jill and I are already taking dowlry bids… 🙂   I’m just kidding… but i tell you what if the shortage of baby boys is all over the state like it is here, he will have no trouble getting that date to the “Who’s Who” Dance… 🙂

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The Lord has Blessed Us & Deserves Thanks…

We have decided it is our obligation to make a promise to Ethan that we raise him the best we possibly can, in that same light it’s our promise to the Lord that we give Ethan to Him. Our thank you to our Savior for allowing us to have such a wonderful gift.

May 11, 2008 Ethan was dedicated to the Lord. That Jill and I promise to raise him in a Godly home and to God’s will.



A Whole Month!?! Is it possible!?

He is still growing so well! Jill and I could not be more proud to be such a vital part of Ethan’s life. I mean WOW! It just shouldn’t be possible to have something so wonderful just falling right into your lap. You know?

We want to continue the thanks! Thank you to everyone’s prayers, thoughts, and generosity. We can’t begin to explain how wonderful y’all have been. Thank you. Deesa (and Nick) drove down this past Friday just for a couple of hours. Ethan has no idea how much he was blessed just by being born into a family as loving as ours. Jill and I are excited to have so many role models, not just in ours lives but in Ethan’s too.

We love y’all! HERE ARE A FEW MORE PICS…

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New From the Ethan Gallery…

This is week 2, almost 3 of Ethan’s existence. He is probably the best baby Jill and I could have asked for. Here’s just a little update:

He now weighs: 8.1 lbs. (this is good, because he dropped 1/2 a pound the first week)
He is about 20 inches long!!
He only gets up: 1 time per night!!!! Can you believe that!? it’s wonderful… i think the only ones that have to worry about getting spoiled here is us. 

For everyone in Anniston, we can not wait for you to meet Ethan! He’s been talking about wanting to get up that way, so we’ll try to make that happen for him 🙂