Thanksgiving, World Travelers Reunite :)

Thanksgiving for us begins the weekend before Thanksgiving day and ends the weekend after Thanksgiving. This one was no different except that Ethan and I stayed in Anniston a couple extra days, while Momma came back to Phenix City to prepare for the Nutcracker (she was the “Blue Mother,” a GREAT one!). I’ll post pics of that soon. Anyway, here are pic from Paw-Paw’s Thanksgiving at the lake, the Funderburk’s Thanksgiving lunch, and the Henderson’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Little ‘Peanut’-y Halloween ’08

Halloween this year was great!! We had a fall festival at the church, we went to a pumpkin patch, and Momma, Deddy, Mandi and Lara all came down! It was great! We all went to the Funderburk’s and camped out on the front porch handing out candy to the all the little kiddies. Mrs. Shelrea, Mr. Jan, Nanny, Lauren, Andy, Jill, Me, Ethan Momma, Deddy, Mandi, and Lara! It was great! Here are some pics from the night, and a few from¬†the fall festival. (NOTE: The 2 girls in the pics are Ally and Lilly daughters of 2 couples that we go to church with.)
 There are several more from others, but this is all we have now.

Ethan’s First October!

So many cool things happen in October! First of all and best of all it is the “Holy month,” MLB post season… I call it that because it was so BIG¬†while¬†I was at CACC that¬†one of¬†my professors¬†postponed all homework and tests until the series was over, and made¬†every class a discussion of the previous night’s game. ūüôā

Ethan¬†is able to experience one of the best post¬†season’s as his first! The “Never¬†Should have Been there”¬†Rays are kickin’ tail and the¬†Fightin’¬†Phil’s are¬†bringin’ it on! it’s going to be a great¬†World Series.

Here are a couple of pic’s from¬†October 08. So far… i’m sure they’ll be many more. He’s going to be Charlie Brown for Halloween ūüôā

His 1st Braves Game!

Finally, he got to visit THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! … well, maybe it’s in the top 20… anyway,TURNER FIELD!¬†it was great! The Braves did loose 9-4 to the Mets, but there was a lot of people there and we had a great time! It was Momma, Deddy, Aunt Lynne,¬†Mandi, Lara, Brad,¬†Ryan, Deesa, DeAnna, Uncle Bryan, a random guy, and¬†Mark (he works with me @ UPS). Anyway it was great!!¬†And Ethan had a wonderful time being¬†past around and loved on in¬†his “Baby Hendu” Braves jacket with his braves jersey… it was great! ¬†

Here are some pics from the game…

Brother Larry’s Last Sermon…

Brother Larry has meant more to me, and now Jill, than I can put into words. So I won’t get too deep into it. I just want to say that even though I am now a member of another church in a city 100 miles from New Haven, Brother Larry will forever be my pastor. He is the one that baptised me,¬† counsiled me, helped keep me on the straight and narrow, made me realize that I have to “KNOW, that I KNOW, that I KNOW,” forgave me when I put footballs and baseballs through church windows, challenged my faith every week from the pulpit and all my life through the words that I hear in my head every time I’m faced with a biblical/moral situation, and he married me. So when I heard that New Haven was loosing him. I felt as though I was loosing a pastor, friend, and mentor. But you know, the best part about it, I’m not really loosing any of those… he’s still just right up the road in the next county over. And I know he’ll always be there for me to lean on, hopefully he knows I’m still here too.
Thanks Brother Larry for being such a huge part of who I am today. I could have not grown up in a better church family than I did and you are what brought us all together.

From Me, Jill and Ethan, we love you! and God Bless.

Goo Goo over Ethan… Me, nah!

Ok, I admit it!! I have become that wierd dad that has to take pictures/videos (usually both) of everything new, their kid does. Or maybe I never began to be that guy… maybe I just am¬†THAT guy! Oh¬†well, I love¬†him and¬†I know that his Granny, Grandeddy Henderson,¬†Grammy, Great Grandeddy, Great Aunt Teresa, Paw-Paw, and Mrs. Louise,¬† (and I know¬†I’m missing a lot of names here¬†Auntie Lara, Auntie Mandi,¬†Aunt Lynne, Uncle Bryan,¬†Aunt Donna, Uncle Scott, Mrs. Connie, Uncle Bubba, and all of his cousins; Austin, Brett, DeAnna, Deesa and Russell OK so¬†I couldn’t leave anyone out….)¬† want to see him more.¬†

Video’s are one way I can make that happen, and here are a couple of video’s I think you’ll love! They are so great… The second one is a little long (3:00 min) and all it is is Ethan bouncing around, but I couldn’t help it I was so excited that he loved this thing so much! Anyway, I hope you like them as much as I do…

¬†This first one is Ethan Learning how to fly with Deddy [that’s me]
The second one is Ethan bouncin’ on his horsey that Mr. Paul West (my boss): He LOVES THIS THING!!

PC Beach for the first time in 8 years!!

Mike and Lisa invited us to Panama City Beach for the first Beyer/Henderson vacation. We had a great time!!! Not only did we stay in a SUPER nice hotel for almost nothing, the weather was great and Jill (who hasn’t been to PCB in 12 years) and I (who haven’t been in 8 years) were floored to see the drastic changes to the city. Now let me get this clear, it is still not Destin, but you absolutely feel the difference. We stayed at the Legacy by the Sea. Which is next to the Seahaven, some of you might recognize that name from our 1999 youth trip to Extreme. Anyway we went to the Pier Park, a new shopping district just down from there which makes you feel like you stepped into a different county/city whatever, it was great!¬†It reminded me of¬†the Shopping district in Destin with Bass¬†Pro Shop.

Anyway, it was a great trip and we plan on going many more years to come. Maybe next time Ethan will be big enough to¬†chase the¬†crabs with me ūüôā and¬†attempt to¬†dig to China. The girls (Lola and Maggie) were great. There are a couple of pics¬†with them in this group. Every night Me, Jill, Lisa and Mike all laid the kids¬†to bed¬†and played¬†games until about 1 am! It was great.¬†Apples to Apples seemed to be the crowd favorite, and Spades was a close second.

Without further ado here are the pic’s.