Road Trip!!

scrappersGame06Shane is probably the biggest baseball fan I know. Yes, WAY bigger than me! When I told him about Austin getting drafted back in June he was like, “where is he and when are we going??!”
Well, the time has come. We started our trip at 3:30am Saturday. This is about a 12 hour drive, but a slight detour in Cincinatti to see Great American Ballpark made it a 15 hour trip… Not because we went to the park, because we never saw it, it’s because we got lost not once, twice!! We can thank gabby for that, or me for being too cheap to buy the update 🙂

We finally made it to Niles, and saw Austin. It was a great game! They won 3-0 and clinched homefield advantage for the playoffs. We were able to meet a couple of the guys, who are very cool. Oh, and Travis Fryman is their manager. How cool is that!?

We went to BWW after the game to eat and actually got to catch the Auburn v. La Tech and Alabama v. Va Tech games! Day one turned out to be great!!

When we left we headed on over to Cleveland where we’re going to see the Indians play the Twins Sunday. The trip up there was only about 50 minutes… But gabby let us down yet again!! When we got to Cleveland we typed in Holiday Inn it Gabby led us straight down the coolest street I’d ever seen, but there was no hotel! Then we asked a cop, who was worse help than Gabby. He sent us down town where the night life was hoppin’ more than bourbon street!! And again NO hotel! Then I tried the phone… Great! It found one!! It led right the Marriott! Not holiday inn… So we finally found the interstate and made it to a office park with 5 hotels…. Went to every one to find a room with 2 beds. This is when we found out that there were 3 weddings, and some formals in town. Everyone was booked up except for the last one go figure.

By that time it was 1am. We stared the 50 minute drive at 10:30pm.

Man, what a day…. pics to come.

First Day

Well, my first day at Lockheed was yesterday, and it was good… Well sort of. I mean how can you be late when you leave 2 hours early for a job 15 minutes away?! I’ll start from the beginning.

So I wake up easy as pie! It’s a lot different than having to get up at 2:45am. So I make coffee, check my mail, watch sports center, and still have time to just sit there. I get to the post about 6:40am dressed, smelling good, and ready to work!!! When the guard says, “sir you’ll need to turn around. Your licsence has expired.”
So I go stand outside the court house for an hour until it opened when the guy says they do not renew them anymore!
So I go down to the new court house where 25 people are lined up into the parking lot, and they don’t open for another 30 minutes!!

But hey after that it was great!! Thanks for all your prayers. I am really excited about the potenial I have here in this position!

UPS… Not Just a Thing of the Past

What a sad day. I do feel 100% confident that we are moving in the right direction, but none-the-less I am going to miss this life know as a UPSer. There are so many great things about this company that most of you only know as a shipper. The people that work here are outstanding!

It’s amazing how such a diverse group of personalities, backgrounds, views, opinions, etc. can work so well together to perform such an impossible task such as loading 1000’s of packages on to 40 small trucks. There was one person that wasn’t a team player, but outside of that issue, this was one of the best work families I’ve ever been honored to be apart of.

I have made so mJoshsLastDay_8-28-0922any friends at UPS. Which is the main reason it is so hard to leave. I want to take this opportunity to thank those guys for being such good friends to me. We had so many fun times together like: the first 3 UPS bowls, golf games, Braves games, breakfasts at Cracker Barrel/BBQ House/Waffle House, I spent the better part of every morning for the past 5 years with the majority of all these guys. A part of my life will be left with these guys for the rest of my life.

Thank you guys! I will miss you!

Birthday in Pine Mountain

This was… well, my 27th birthday. I’m having trouble believing that, but none-the-less it’s true. This was a great one! My family came up to Pine Mountain, GA and we camped for the weekend at Pine Mountain RV Resort. Ethan had a great time in the pool and being outside 24-7 he was in heaven. Here are a few pics from the weekend. Thanks everyone for giving me such a wonderful weekend to remember!


Yesterday Jill and I celebrated our 5th anniversary, and this year, we didn’t go to the beach! Crazy I know… We always go to Henderson Beach, but this time we found something less expensive and unconventional to do instead. We had a movie-cation. Yes, movies all day! Nothing but popcorn and coke fNOTE: In the background is our first 2 conquests for the day!or lunch and dinner, 4 movies, 2 theaters and a lot of fun! We began the day with a peaceful journey over to Hollywood Connection to catch UP. UP was a great movie, however, the story line was a little adult for a kid movie. I highly suggest seeing this one! Yes, there is a happy ending. The fun started about an hour into UP when I looked at the time and realized that we were 5 minutes late to the next movie and still had 36 minutes to go in this one. You see, this was a very carefully planned out day–patterned for perfect logistics and exact movies times and lengths. Unfortunately, I did not take in to a count 30 minutes of previews. So it was the final scene of UP Jill and I were standing at the back of the theater waiting for the end which was worth the wait!!! The screen dimmed and we were already sprinting down the hall barely having time to stop and get our stubs checked with the ticket Nazi, before diving into some pretty good seats 2 minutes after the film started. Oh, you want to know the movie, my bad! It’s My Sister’s Keeper. By the way EXTREMELY emotionally draining flick! But again, so glad we saw it. It gets 3.5 stars. When this one ended, we were already late to the next destination.  Luckily the next movie had another show time 30 minutes after our previous time slot. Movie: The Proposal. Great stress reliever after the double feature of downers  we had previously viewed. It’s a romantic comedy that I would recommend seeing. This one gets 3 stars. This was also our first bit of nourishment of the day; popcorn, reeses pieces, and coke. Meal of champions I know. The finale was also a good one, it gets the same 3 stars that the proposal recieved but a totally different genre. This mobster flick about John Dillinger was good but lacked the depth I was looking for in a biographically defined movie. However, it did get my approval as it quinched my thirst for true stories – especially in this old time mobster style.
All in all one of my favorite days ever. It’s like I tweeted earlier, I found the answer to the question “can you get sick of movies?” my answer is an emphatic NO! I would do this every weekend if it were possible!
Again, happy 5th anniversary Jilly!! And may we see many more 4 movie days!! 🙂
Love you

Thunder on the Hooch 2009

thunderOnTheHooch0917Well it’s another July 4th, this country’s 233rd birthday, and it was a beautiful day to be where ever you were. This year Jill, Ethan and I went to Thunder on the Hooch and it was great. We did miss everyone at Paw-Paw’s house, and we decided that we’d try not to miss that again. But we made the best of it and enjoyed the fireworks down on the hooch!

 Jill:  “Amazing, wonderful time spent with my dear family!”
Here are a few pics from the evening!

Happy Birthday America!!

Ethan’s Got the Flav-O-Pop Down

Check out this close encounter with the Ethan-kind. He’s really getting this summer snack thing down pat. We’ve introduced him to cold treats a few weeks ago, but this is the first time he has taken it without cringing. Now there’s no looking back. 🙂

Our Week of Weird

This last week was a very strange one for us. Jill was out of town… not just in Columbus, in CALIFORNIA!!! She was there until Tuesday, then she flew to Austin, TX. I think she had a great time. However, Ethan and I were stuck in Phenix City while she was out gallivanting 🙂 … well, I was. Ethan spent 3 days with his Granny in Anniston at VBS, and came home Tuesday Night.

I think we were all very glad to see Jill/Momma get home. She was gone from Sunday ’til Saturday!! CRAZY! Hopefully not again.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the week:

Father’s Day

This was a good Father’s Day! I was able to wake up and see my 1 year old boy as he smiled SO big with that good morning grin. Then Jill’s “Happy Father’s Day!” The only bad thing is that she had to leave for California today. So Ethan and I went up to Anniston to visit my Deddy and the rest of the family. We had a great time! When we got there it seemed like we were walking into a family reunion. 🙂 Uncle Bubba, Mrs. Connie, Aunt Lynne, Deanna, Blakely, Paw-Paw, Ms. Louise, Aunt Teresa, Momma, Deddy, Mandi, Lara…. it was great to see everyone, even if it was coinencidence.

We soon started working on putting the rock on the new fire place. Then hung out until lunch, BONELESS PORK CHOPS! and fresh veggies from the mountains: thank you Uncle Bubba and Mrs. Connie. Then we went swimming!!! It was really great. We will have to do it again when Jill is able to be there!!

Here are some pics of the day:

P90X – update

Ok so we were at it strong for a week before I had a truck fall on my foot and hender my ability to do pretty much any of it! But don’t worry, we are about to get back and hit hard again. For any of you who have heard of P90X and think it’s too much or stupid… Trust me, it will push you hard and get you into shape. And it’s fun. We are excited about our hour with Tony every night! So give it a try. You’ll love it!

Austin is an Indian!

I have just become the newest Indian’s fan. Our cousin Austin Adams was chosen 155 in the 5th Round of the MLB Draft by the Indian’s! We’re so excited… I can’t even begin to tell you the rush I got when I saw his name pop-up! Actually, my draft tracker wasn’t refreshing and momma called me to give me the news before I got it to work. But whatever… he’s a great guy and we’re lucky to be able to share in the excitement with him.

Congrats Austin! This is well deserved!!

The P90X Project

Ok so Jill and I have evaluated where we are on the fitness scale and we decided that since we don’t have “studying” to get in the way (good excuse huh?) that we can proceed with our eating better and walking/running, whatever. Just plain getting in shape. Well then one of our friends started doing P90X  and loves it. So naturally I borrowed it to try! Jill and I are loving it! We’re on day 2 now, and I will try to keep you posted on the weight loss (or gain). I will not put any before pic’s on here…. I have been threatened with in an inch of my life! But maybe I can get some afters when it gets here.

This might be petty but, we need your prayers during this first 90 days that we not quit! It’s very tough, yet so rewarding.