Auburn vs. Kentucky

Fortunately we did not go to the game. We did spend the day in Auburn enjoying the scene! It was great. Everyone was in high spirits ready to get the team back on track not knowing what demise awaited later in the night. It was like Halloween came early and we were the victim of a foamy-mouthed wildcat zombie’s prey!

None-the-less, we had a gret time until the game started. Here are a few pics from the day. We actually ran into Vera and his girlfriend and Brandi and Shane. I wish we had thought to get pics with them before we left!

Anyway, here they are:


scrappersGame03Well we made it! Back when Austin was drafted my biggest baseball loving friend, Shane, basically told me we were going to Niles… “If he’s not in Cleveland by then.” So the we planned the trip and took off. It took a mere 15 hours to get up there (12 hour trip, we got lost in Cincinnati). Shane, his brother Brooks and I took a Civic to save money on gas… it was worth it. Shane unexpectedly drove the entire way up! Yes I know… that doesn’t exactly make me the best friend in the world, but hey, he’s a great driver… probably the best I’ve ever ridden with (hope he’s reading this). We made it up there right before the game. The park was great! One of the best minor league parks I’ve been in. Austin didn’t throw that night, but it was great to see his team play. They are awesome. I’m listening to the championship game as I type. — Which shows how late I am getting this up. Austin was awesome! He got a bat signed for Ethan. Sunday we went to the Indians/Twins game. Again, awesome game! The stadium was pretty cool, but it was very modern, made of steel piping and concrete with little brick. I agree with Shane and Brooks that baseball parks are loosing their appeal. They are becoming less traditional and being named using ZERO history. EXAMPLE: Progrssive Park — insurance company (used to be Jacobs Field – brothers that once owned the team).scrappersTshirt

Overall, great trip! Can’t wait to do this again. Maybe Pittsburgh next time??

Here are a few pics from the Trip… the really good ones are from Shane.

Road Trip!!

scrappersGame06Shane is probably the biggest baseball fan I know. Yes, WAY bigger than me! When I told him about Austin getting drafted back in June he was like, “where is he and when are we going??!”
Well, the time has come. We started our trip at 3:30am Saturday. This is about a 12 hour drive, but a slight detour in Cincinatti to see Great American Ballpark made it a 15 hour trip… Not because we went to the park, because we never saw it, it’s because we got lost not once, twice!! We can thank gabby for that, or me for being too cheap to buy the update 🙂

We finally made it to Niles, and saw Austin. It was a great game! They won 3-0 and clinched homefield advantage for the playoffs. We were able to meet a couple of the guys, who are very cool. Oh, and Travis Fryman is their manager. How cool is that!?

We went to BWW after the game to eat and actually got to catch the Auburn v. La Tech and Alabama v. Va Tech games! Day one turned out to be great!!

When we left we headed on over to Cleveland where we’re going to see the Indians play the Twins Sunday. The trip up there was only about 50 minutes… But gabby let us down yet again!! When we got to Cleveland we typed in Holiday Inn it Gabby led us straight down the coolest street I’d ever seen, but there was no hotel! Then we asked a cop, who was worse help than Gabby. He sent us down town where the night life was hoppin’ more than bourbon street!! And again NO hotel! Then I tried the phone… Great! It found one!! It led right the Marriott! Not holiday inn… So we finally found the interstate and made it to a office park with 5 hotels…. Went to every one to find a room with 2 beds. This is when we found out that there were 3 weddings, and some formals in town. Everyone was booked up except for the last one go figure.

By that time it was 1am. We stared the 50 minute drive at 10:30pm.

Man, what a day…. pics to come.