Thunder in the Valley

Thunder in the Valley is an annual air show held at the Columbus Airport. IT IS HUGE! All sorts of planes and helicopters take flight for our amusement, and they did NOT disappoint. Ethan had the time of his life. We arrived right at his nap time and he pushed through all the way until about 3:45, when we decided to head home. The second his head hit the back of the car seat the little booger was OUT. I think it just proved how much fun he was having. Here are pic’s from the show. NOTE: his eyes tell the story.

Extreme Home Makeover in GA

Extreme Home Makeover shot their season finale this year in Hamilton, GA just outside of Columbus… Mike Oerr was the Celebrity guest along with the REAL family from the movie the Blindside. Oh, and Fez was there… the guy who does Handy Manny’s voice!

Anyway, Jill designed the banners for the reveal in the gym where the dad on the show coaches… so she’ll probably be on tv! YEAH!! Also, we went to watch the family come home to their new home. It was great. The pictures below are from that day!

Blakley’s 1st Birthday

I don’t believe Blakley could have been born into a better family, and they really showed how awesome they really are with her first birthday party. Excellent job Deanna, Deesa, and Aunt Lynne!!

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Blakley’s 1st Year!

I don’t believe Blakley could have been born into a better family, and they really showed how awesome they really are with her first birthday party. Excellent job Deanna, Deesa, and Aunt Lynne!!

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Thanksgiving 2009

No, I can’t believe it either! Christmas is almost here, but lets not jump ahead of ourselves. Yes, we are all going nuts trying to figure out where and what Santa will be able to actually get on Black Friday. But let’s not forget to Celebrate this holiday that means so much to all, and give Thanks.

I have so many things to be thankful for this year. More than ever in one year before I think. A very healthy boy, a good wife, THE best family period (this is another blog, but you know people say “thanks” for there family all the time… but no one, has one like ours. So this is an EXTRA big THANKS!), I graduated, a new job, EXCELLENT friends, I could go on and on. And if your reading this you probably could too.

So, thank you Lord for giving us all the opportunities and blessings that none of us really deserve, and may we keep you in the fore front of our minds as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Your birthday. AMEN.

below are some pics from Thanksgiving Day and weekend:

Adams Family Thanksgiving

Yep, as every other year before we got together and had a great time! We loved on each other and discussed the years happenings. The best part about the whole thing is that we talk as though it hasn’t been an entire year since we last spoke. This my friends is the epitome of love. Our family is just that in every since of the word… family.

Here are a few pics from the get together.

Wedding in the Mountains

This was a really great weekend! We had the opportunity to go to Pigeon Forge and stay in a mountain side cabin and see one of my best friends marry the love of his life. It was a wonderful experience all the way around. Even the mishaps 😐

We finally made it to the cabin about 12:45am Saturday morning… only to not be able to open the “key holder.” So, what could I do? I called the land lady and woke her up only to find out that we were at the wrong cabin! YIKES! Sorry Ms. Cabin Lady!

We then discovered that we had a flat tire about half way up the mountain… man, really?! But then we made it! and it was great. 2 hot tubs, fireplace, 2 bathrooms, big deck…it just goes on and on. BUT, no cable, and the Auburn v. Georgia game is tonight!! Oh well, right? We’re here to see the Worm and Megan get married anyhow.

So we spend all day on the strip going to the Christmas shops and all. Then we come back and get ready for the wedding. And yes we did get there an hour… and hour, early. But that just gave Jill that much more time to shop.

The wedding was beautiful! Great scenery and great people. They are 2 great families and deserved a good time and they got it. 

By the way… we did get to watch the game! They were gracious enough to invite us back to there cabin to watch it. BELOW ARE PICS FROM THE WEDDING AND OUR TRIP!

Who Knew UPS would Deliver FREE on Halloween?

This was a great Halloween despite the rain. Mandi, Lara, Brad and Emily came down to hang out for a while before we went out and then even went to a couple of houses with us while Ethan was Trick-or-Treating.  Andy and Lauren even went to a few houses before the rain got to them. It was a lot of fun!

I think Ethan had a great time getting candy, but an even better time giving it out!

Every time the door bell rang, no matter where he was he say, “DOOOOR!” and take off to answer it. Momma and Deddy came down to spend the night with Ethan and we all ate at the Funderburks, gave out candy and watched some football games. (Of course all the fun was made possible due to our Auburn Tigers coming back to life).

Here are some pics:

Fall Fest 2009

This years fall festival at Lakewood was outstanding!! There were so many people, and so much fun. There were games for all ages and the parents seemed to be having a great time too. Ethan had a lot of popcorn and tried to steal the girls hearts with it…. not sure how well that worked. But here are some pics from that night!

Ethan is the UPS guy 🙂

Pumpkin Carving 2009

Well yes. It is that time of year where our blog is updated at what seems like break-neck speed. So here’s more. The latest of the “life between today and tomorrow” comes from our house… our pumpkin carving. This year’s is probably the simplest we’ve ever done. We were going for the “Nightmare before Christmas” feel… or as we call it “hurry before Ethan passes out in the seeds.”

I think he had a great time! Here are the pics!