I did this for a drama group in Greensboro, NC. They are great! and I actually have a blog post about a trip I took up to meet them. GREAT PEOPLE!!!
Peculiar People (Greensboro, NC)
Peculiar People (Greensboro, NC)

Veritas Academy

This was done by me, through Lakewood Baptist for Veritas Academy. Which is Lakewood Baptist’s school.

Veritas Academy (Phenix City, AL)
Veritas Academy (Phenix City, AL)

Rest, Train, Play

This was a project for EMG that took Biscuets exellent PR skills, Jills masterful graphics, and me putting it all together for the web. It’s a website devoted to selling “Rest, Train, Play” a DVD teaching kids how to train for baseball and softball. It was put out by Sports Academy in Auburn, AL.

Rest, Train, Play (Auburn, AL)
Rest, Train, Play (Auburn, AL)

My Newest Friends are Rather Peculiar

I recently went on a business trip to Greensboro, NC. At least I thought it was a business trip. I mean, yes, I did meet with a client, and yes I we did talk business. But I’m not blogging today about business. I’m writting about the friends that I made this weekend. Their names are Mrs. Ruth and Charlie, and they call themselves “Peculiar People.” You’ve got to check them out on-line. BTW, they’re coming to Phenix City (Lakewood Baptist Church) March 22-24. So put in on your calendar! Their act is a MUST SEE.

So back to the experience. First, a little bit about the trip. Mike went with me. Let me stop right here and say he is clearly a GREAT friend! Not only did he go on a 7 hour one-way trip with me, he entertained himself pretty much all day Saturday while Charlie and I met. What a trooper! So we left our house about 5ish Friday, stopped in Commerce, GA to eat and catch the BAMA kickoff @ Ruby Tuesday… still a normal average ride down the interstate until about 9:30pm when we need some gas (really coffee). So Mike types in Starbucks and “Gabby,” that’s my GPS, says we’ve got about 15 miles. So we exit in about 7 miles and follow the directions “Gabby” is shouting at us. Before we get to the finish I pull over for gas. About 8 miles off the interstate we hit the flag on “Gabby’s” screen. “Ding… You have arrived at destination on right.” Heads turn at break-neck speed, eyes squent to no avail. The wild goose chase has ended. NOTHING! What was “Gabby” doing to us… Soooo, on we ride, back on the interstate about 10:00pm we decide to try for Dunkin’ Donuts, what do we get, but led on yet another goose chase. This time behind a Wal-Mart distribution center where the road just dead ends! Luckily, we noticed the Starbucks sign getting off the interstate. We pull into the Starbucks parking lot about 10:10pm laughing about the ride “Gabby” has taken us on only to find that it closed @ 10pm….. uuuuuuggghhh!!! I think “Gabby” just doesn’t want us to fratonize with the Starbucks crowd??? I don’t know??? anyway, we decide to try again in Charlotte, NC. We did find the Starbucks at 11:15pm… you guessed it! CLOSED this time @ 11pm. No wonder she led us straight to it. Now we’re dying for some coffee so what we do next MIke calls his most regretful purchase of 2009, Bubble Tea. Need I say more? Well, just to save the rest of you DON’T GET SUCKED IN! For 2 watery, nasty, crappy, luke warm, honey sweetened (i think) cups of tea, yea TEA it was $13. I’ll let you soak that one in a minute…. go ahead, catch your breath………… After that we just high tailed it to the Hotel. A Holiday Inn Express has never looked so good!  My head hit the pillow at 2:15am. Of course this was after I had to show Mike the Superman meets the Dark Knight video on SO FUNNY!

Now for the visit. These guys were great!  From the get go we felt nothing but welcome in there apartment (which I have pics of below). This place was amazing. It is an old hotel built int he 1920’s 4000 sq. feet, hardwood all over! a VERY COOL patio between the buildings and the coolest folks living in it. Mrs. Ruth makes up the rest of Peculiar People. She is a wonderful hostess, and together her and Charlie made Mike and I feel right at home. I got there about 8:30am we worked, talked, watched some VERY funny videos, and I did my best impression of a teacher. Clearly, teaching is not the profession I belong in. They do so much for the community. If you’re ever in Greensboro, NC you should watch for a Greensboro Grub. Everyone is invited and they are not just good comics with BIG hearts, they have mucho talent in the kitchen. Mrs. Ruth served this great grilled chicken salad for lunch, cranberry cake (or something cakey that was GREAT), and for dinner steak that was out of this world with salad, grilled asparragus (that I DID reluctantly try), and rice pilaf. When I say they took care of us, that is an understatement. These 2 are a wonderfully warm couple, LOVE CHRIST, and DO NOT meet a stranger. After dinner they took us for a walk down their street (in downtown Greensboro, NC) to Alex’s Cheesecakes, but it was closed. GO FIGURE, that was the theme of the trip. So we went to Natty Green’s, i think. It’s a brewery, bar and grill on the street they live on, but they serve Cheesecake by Alex. And it did live up to the hype. I got the Turtle Cheesecake if you’re wondering. 

Overall, this was a great trip. I had some quality time with a great friend in Mike, and made some excellent new ones in Mrs. Ruth and Charlie. Thanks guys for such a great time! I hope to see y’all really soon.

Funderburks, Hendersons, and Adams. Yes all in 1 day!

Merry Christmas, everyone! This was the most special Christmas for Jill and I as a family. We not only have 1 new baby to celebrate his first Christmas we have 2 new babies(not us the family :) )!! It has been 20 years since a child was born into our immediate family. Unfortunately for Brett, though, his nick name “Baby Brett” is so ingrained on everyone’s brain that it is not going away anytime soon. But hey, there is hope. Just give it another 20 :)

So we’ve got Blakeley and Ethan both have never seen Santa Claus. Until now! The baby of the family did a great deed for us and dressed up like Santa! It was Great. the whole day was!! Breakfast with the Funderburks, Lunch with the Henderson’s and Adams and Dinner with the Henderson’s!! Man what a day. I couldn’t have asked to spend Christmas day with a better group of folks. Jill, Ethan, and I are more blessed than we can express with words to be in and apart of the families around us. They are the back bone of our lives. We would like to extend our gratitude for making our Christmas day the best it could be.

Thank you, Merry Christmas and we hope God blesses y’all with a loved filled, prosperous new year!


Here are some Christmas Eve pics at Nanny’s:

Christmas Morning at our House: 


Breakfast @ the Funderburks:

Lunch in Anniston:

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown…

Ethan’s first Christmas was spectacular… that is once he got over me waking him up at 6:30 when he usually doesn’t get up until 7:30. Here is a video of Ethan seeing what Santa brought Christmas morning. It’s not very long, not because I wanted to stop because i was having so much fun, but because Ethan kept crawling into Jill’s lap and falling a sleep. 😐  I apologized to him profusely.  He must have understood, because he loved me the rest of the day.

There are MANY pics! They will be on shortly. Also not pictured in them is our newest member of the family. Blakeley. She was born Monday, December 22nd at about 7:30pm. She is absolutely precious! So cute you can’t stop lookin’ at her. I can’t wait to introduce you too her. Maybe soon. Anyway, here is the video.

Thanksgiving, World Travelers Reunite :)

Thanksgiving for us begins the weekend before Thanksgiving day and ends the weekend after Thanksgiving. This one was no different except that Ethan and I stayed in Anniston a couple extra days, while Momma came back to Phenix City to prepare for the Nutcracker (she was the “Blue Mother,” a GREAT one!). I’ll post pics of that soon. Anyway, here are pic from Paw-Paw’s Thanksgiving at the lake, the Funderburk’s Thanksgiving lunch, and the Henderson’s Thanksgiving dinner.