At the Beach with the Funderburks!

Beach trips continued… I say continued because it wasn’t the first, and we all hope it’s not the last of the summer! The Funderburks have found the perfect place in Ft. Walton to vacation. It’s great! This was our 3rd time going and it was just as fun this time as ever! And Ethan LOVING the water/sand makes it that much more fun.

Here are some pics:

Lara’s Graduation!

Yes my sister’s are smart. It only took me 22 years to figure this out.
She’ll be graduating from JSU this Friday, April 30th with a degree in Human Resources with and emphasis on Management.


Well, it was bound to happen. It got warmer… and then came… THE BEACH!!
This past weekend we camped with my family at the Gulf Shores State Park.

NOTE: I’ve noticed that the state parks are usually my favorite (ie. Henderson Beach)… EXCEPT there’s no cable.)

It was great. Ethan loved the beach even more than I had hoped, and Jill couldn’t get enough of the sun. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. I can’t wait to do it again. We ate at Mikee’s, which was great!! And we also had Deddy’s specialty, Low Country Boil.

OH… we also, stayed one night with some new friends of ours who’s daughter is in Ethan’s class at school. We really had a great vacation. The only thing Jill and I are sorry about is that it’s over.

Below are a few pic’s from our trip.


New pictures from Tracy and Jamie: THANKS GUYS!

Ethan’s Birthday… Yes he’s 2!

Ethan turned 2 this week, and in case you’re wondering, Jill and I are VERY HARD at work trying to find a solution to those infamous “terrible two’s.” None-the-less they’re here and we have had a ball celebrating all week. His birthday was actualy Wednesday and we took him to Cracker Barrel. I know what you’re thinking, but when we asked him where he wanted to go he actually said, “Crak Barul.” We gave him his very own work bench! (Which he has not stopped playing with!)

NOTE: for all parents trying to get their kids to pick up their toys at night. This has been a God send! He knows where everything goes and is happy to show you where when it’s time to say “night night.”

Saturday we had his birthday party with all his friends and family! It was a huge sucess I think. Jill did a wonderful job preparing and setting up for us to have such a great time! Thank you to all of those who came and wished Ethan a happy 2nd birthday. I don’t believe he could have had any more fun!

Easter @ Our House

The Easter Bunny came to visit Ethan this year and left all sorts of good stuff! A tool box for his “tuls,” a school bus for him and his friends, and a bunch of BUGS!! It was great! OH! and don’t forget the Braves t-shirt for game day 🙂

As has become a tradition Jill and I look forward to each year, everyone came to our house for lunch to celebrate our risen Savior. Jill made some new dishes and is well on her way to being a chef! I think at this rate she might make that title by the age of 90, but at any rate almost everything she makes is OUTSTANDING!

Here are some pictures from today and the past couple weekends, and a video after the break.

Egg Hunt @ New Haven!

Well I found out this weekend how well Jill and I are going to have to hide gifts in the future. Ethan attended the Easter Egg hunt at my old church New Haven in Anniston. After a great story about Easter (the death and resurrection of Christ) all the kids lined up at the door and took off on the work “GO!” I will admit I did show Ethan the first egg, but after that he found 3 more all by himself in some really sneaky hiding spots. I think he had a great time. Especially when we turned his eggs in to get the prizes indicated on the particular eggs. Mainly because one of them was an airplane 🙂  Ethan and cousin Blakely had a great time playing before during and afterward.

Here are some pic’s from that day: