It’s Christmas Time

This is mine and Jill’s Christmas tree. YEAH!!
The presents underneath represent all of the blessings that God given us this year, and it’s our way of trying to repay the friends and family that touched us! Thank you for everything, God has surely given us both the best families i think anyone could have picked! Too y’all we LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS.

This is the Funderburk’s Tree. How BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Me and Jill!!! Ain’t she pretty!!

This is Lauren, Andy’s new lady. Look how excited she is! This is a great time of year!!

Andy loving his picture coaster that Jill made him!
This is Mr. Jan checkin‘ out his Turkish Mauser that we got him for Christmas!! He guessed what kind of gun it was before he even saw it!

Mandi and Lara Christmas morning! HO HO treated them very nicely!
Me and Momma

Deddy’s thinking “This Ol‘ Goat is crazy.”
Look all the girls got the same coat! Their quints!

Jill, Mandi, Lara, Deesa, and Deanna!!

This was truly a wonderful Christmas!!!

Look what I got!

No not Jill! I already had her, the train!!! I thought I had a better pic, but it’s on Deddy’s camera. Oh well. Along with all the good pic’s of Grammy and Grandeddy.
This was the Best Christmas EVER!

Thanksgiving Day, lot of good food lot of ‘GAS’

Let me explain the title…’GAS’ refers to the driving, not that smelly junk that comes out the wrong end of Deanna sometimes. :)
The Day started with the traditional Turkey lunch at the Funderburks in Phenix City!
I’m glad I got this pic along with a couple more of the 3 generations of women in Jill’s family. But that’s all i’ve got from there, I don’t know what happened, i’m usually trigger happy with the camera. I must have been too involved with trying to listen to JT and his new girlfriend (well he says not yet, but it’s in the makin’). There was a great picture that I wish i’d gotten of the whole family eating! With Aunt Bobbie, Uncle Roy, Uncle Charles, Aunt Carol, JT, Nanny, Kim, Chris, Mrs. Shelrea, Mr. Jan, Andy, and Jill!! Please forgive me, but i’ll have to see if Andy has one. That was a great lunch!
Then it was off it Anniston around 4.
This pic is on I-20 in Oxford around 6. Beautiful!

Here’s me and Momma! I told you i’d get some more pics of her. So here’s one. She can’t seem to get the concept of holding the smile until the picture takes yet. But she’s getting there :)

No Mandi and Lara aren’t sharing guys now. This is Lara’s boyfriend Jonathan. He seems to be pretty cool but the jury is still out.
This is Aunt Teresa. And you don’t know how much of a rare sighting of this lady is! So this is a tribute to her being seen… LOVE YOU AUNT TERESA!!!!
Smile Jilly!!!!
And what Thanksgiving would be complete without the lighting of the Christmas Tree!! How exciting! And here’s Momma and Deddy to proclaim it the Christmas Season!!

The Harley Village takes New Shape!

Ok it’s that time of year again! It may even by a bit early, but i don’t care… We got all our Christmas stuff down Yesterday, and First things first! The Harley village!
It’s not going to be long before we need a table for it!!!! I’m so excited about that. The coolest thing is the new addition.
How can a you have a village without somewhere for the people to live. And what better way for the people of the Harley village to live than in their Trailer!

That’s me getting the lights out of the box and Jill hanging the wreath on the door. Just like in real life!! Oh, and that’s right the “Merry Christmas” flashes red!!!!! SO COOL!
And what village is complete without a Cracker Barrel??

The Ol’ Goat’s Thanksgiving Bash

I’m sure that she’s not happy about me putting this picture on here, but this is the only picture I have of Momma from the WHOLE weekend! She wouldn’t be still long enough to get her picture taken. :) This is Momma making her “half nutted half un-nutted” red velvet cake (becase Deesa doen’t like the nuts).

Here’s Deanna breaking up the corn bread for the dressin’. It was GREAT by the way! Man, put a little gibblet gravy on there and WOW!
Ok sorry got a little carried away. It’s good stuff though.
There’s the Ol’ Goat himself! Doin’ something to make yet another successful Thanksgiving party.

Almost time! Aunt Lynne and my lovely wife, getting everything finished up…
Caught ya! Where do you think you’re going?
Uncle Bryan, probably running a last minute trip to Wally World.
Now Granddeddy, you know you can’t hide around this place…
Oh hey Brett…
Uncle Lem, Aunt Jerri, Vince, and Carol (Vince’s new bride, one of the latest additions to the family).

Here’s the other new addition! Mrs. Connie, Uncle Bubba’s wife, and that’s her youngest Caleb hiding behind the lamp.
NOTE: I don’t think it’s that nobody likes pictures, just that no one knew i was taking them.
This one of the best picture’s i got all weekend. Deddy and Lara actually knew i was getting them! Aren’t they cute?
here’s me and Jilly!
Ok that’s it that’s all the pic’s i have for the
I had pictures of everyone (including The Funderburk’s, Janice, Aunt Anne, Uncle Buddy, Jonny Green, Kelsey, Kaylee, Uncle WT, Dick, Sherri, Uncle Johnny, Lanor, Wade, Jason, Amy, Adam, well EVERYBODY!) but the picture’s came out really dark and you couldn’t tell who they were…. So, sorry about that! Christmas will be better pics!

Homecoming in "Cow Town"

Well it was homecoming on the plains and Jill and I had Deesa and her new boyfriend (big Auburn fan, already a good guy in our book) and Waldo and Amber down for the game!

If you notice Deesa wasn’t to up for a pic sporting her new found loves colors….but don’t worry i’ll get one.

See! not only was i able to get Deesa wearing BIG BLUE’S colors I was informed that i had also snapped the first ever picture of the happy couple! SWEET!!!

By the way Deesa, you look great in orange and blue, WAR EAGLE!!!

And what day out is complete without our Jill and Josh Shot! GO TIGERS!!

Over all it turned out to be a great day! The Tigers won and we got Deesa to show her true colors! it was great.

Thanks for coming guys! See you next time!

the annual pumpkin carve…#3

Get in there guys! Those pumpkin’s didn’t deserve to live!!! Oh, wow that was a little harsh…ummm, good job guys. Pretty up those jack-o-lanterns!

make sure that tooth is just the right shape…ok, good, it’s perfect!

Great job Andy! if you can’t read Andy’s pumpkin, it says L “heart” A …that’s code for Lauren loves Andy….awwww, how sweet.
I went with the more traditional eye’s, nose, mouth….i don’t know, i just couldn’t get those creative juices flowing…
After pizza and a movie, yes a scary movie…The Omen…the night was complete…although jill wasn’t in these pics….she was the one behind the camera! Hey Jill!!!

25 years and 1 to grow on!!!

Momma and Deddy are getting old…and well this kinda proves it…. but i’ve gotta tell ya they’re still VERY young at heart!

Yep that’s right! this is their 25th year as a happily married couple! So the girls and i decided to do something a little special for them. So, we through them a surprise tailgate party!

Now, i would like to say that it was all me and the girls, but this thing would have NEVER happened without the help of Jill and her awesome invitations!!!! and all her support, Aunt Lynne who got the 60″ TV, did most all the cooking (even a replica wedding cake identical to the original!), Deesa, Deanna, Uncle Bryan, Grandeddy, Grammy, Paw-Paw, Tom and Kathy (kept momma and deddy busy ALL day–not easy!), even Mr. and Mrs. Clemmet ended up being a vital part of this covert operation! With out these guys none of this would have happened! But i never could thank these guys enough so i won’t try here.

Now for the pics!!!!

big surprise!!!

I don’t think Mrs. Shelrea has ever been so surprised in her life!!!
This was her %$ birthday (the %$ is for her protection :-))….and Mr. Jan planned a great surprise party for her with all of her friends! it was so much fun. And with a little help from andy and Jill it turned out to be great…i can’t speak for her but i’d be willing to bet this one was one of the top 5 b-days ever!!

Here are a few pic’s from the Texas Roadhouse bash!

one of jill’s latest projects

oh, you can’t see it?

it’s that very back wall…still can’t make it out. Ok i’ll just tell you. this is a both for Communicorp at the trade show a few weeks ago. Jill designed and built it. It’s 40′ x 80′ probably the biggest both in the world!!!!

ok maybe not, but i’d bet it’s close.

Here’s a good pic

how about that Charger!

man what a ca…..r…………
WOW!!! Did anyone see that mansion that fell into that building?! Man I’m glad i was taking a pic of that sweet ride, or i never would have seen that!
:) this is from a recent trip to Pigeon Forge

late again! but it’s cool…

this post is a true testament to a close family! My parents and sisters had just gotten back from a 5 day cruise the day before my birthday. Jill called them and got everyone together in Auburn for a birthday party the next day!!! I love my family!

These are a couple of pic’s from the evening at Good ol’ Boy’s –> best steak in Alabama!