A Stephen’s Christmas

Deesa and Nic began there marriage with a holiday BANG! They don’t even have a Christmas as a married couple under their belt yet and they are already kicking the social scene’s butt. This was a great party! If you didn’t dress up as a Christmas charater you weren’t cool… just kidding! But that was the theme. It was great!!

And the food was pretty good too. Deesa did a great job with her soups and chocolate covered goodies.

FYI… NO, that’s not really Cindy Lou Who, Ralphy, Ralphy’s mom, Clark Griswold, or Cousin Eddie :)
YES! That is the cutest snowman you’ve ever seen, but you can not open that present until Christmas!

Fantasy In Lights!

This never gets old! Callaway Garden’s: Fantasy in Lights.
This year Jill, Ethan, and I were invited by friends to do the March of Dimes Annual Walk-Through. It was great! except for the parts were Ethan didn’t want to ride in the stroller! ūüėČ

Special thanks to Scott for the invite! We had a blast!


I am thankful 1st and foremost for my wonderful wife and handsome boy, and for the outstanding support cast that are Hendersons, Funderburks, Adams, Norris, Williams, etc… Thank you all so much for being such great examples of human beings! When people see this family it’s hard to see the bad in the world. You are the type of people that helped form this awesome country.

Jill and I thank God everyday for being apart of such a strong group we call family.

10 Year Reunion

This was a great reunion. Between the 2 days we had about half our class show up. Given the short time to prepare I don’t believe that is too shabby. We had a great time and can’t replace the memories we have from that weekend. I can’t wait until the next reunion and hope to have the entire class there!

Halloween 2010

Ethan was an engineer for Halloween this year! Jill has the most amazing ideas and visions for Ethan’s costumes each year, and this was no exception. This is the best time of year…. not necessarily because of Halloween, but because it marks the beginning of the great season!! The holidays! –> ok so that’s not a season, but it is the “most wonderful time of the year!!!”

Ethan’s First Hospital Stay

It all started Thursday when Ethan woke up from a nap at day care with a swollen face. Jill took him to the doctor immediately. We put him on antibiotics, but in the morning (Friday) he was worse that the day before. So we took him to the ER, where they thought it was best we admit him. This was a wise choice! After 28 hours of IV antibiotics he was just starting to lose the swelling, and by that night (about 30 hours) he was looking more normal.
The next day (Sunday) he was looking like Ethan again and we were hearing rumors of going home. Finally, Monday morning the doctors came in and ran a couple more tests and they discharged Ethan about 2:30 that afternoon.

Now in my opinion the story here is not how sick Ethan got, all the GREAT advice that we received from Aunt Teresa & Jerry, the proof of how awesome our friends and family are, or even how the doctors made him better. NO. It’s how Ethan was sick, but wanted to play airplane. It’s how he was cooped up on one floor in the hospital for 4 days, but all he wanted to do was play basketball and cook in the playroom. It’s how he was poked and prodded and stuck, but he just sat there and let the doctors do whatever they needed, like he knew it would make him better. It’s how he was tethered to that IV while it was charging, but he excitedly watched “Monsters!” (Monster’s vs. Aliens) It’s how his right hand was rendered useless, because the IV had to be taped to it so it wouldn’t come out, but he learned how to throw, catch and play left handed without a hitch. It’s how he was told “no,” given directions, and had several guests in a cramped room, but never complained or whined. Yes, to me the story is much greater than the several small miracles that occurred during those four days. The story here is how the bravest, most resilient, even tempered wonderful boy, taught us how to be happy and make the best out of the worst in life.

No, he wasn’t terminal, but put your self in his situation. Then ask yourself if you could have gone without your dominant hand, feeling bad, and been exposed to all the things that come with being sick in a hospital, and the only thing on your mind was playing with what you had in front of you, and that actually making you happy.

It wasn’t until he got home that he even said anything about being outside, but just to illustrate how much he “suffered” being inside 4 days. He played so hard outside when he got home we had to drag him in to eat, then he passed out sitting with Jill in a chair.

Yep, our little boy is the strongest man on Earth. He’s my hero.

At the Beach with the Funderburks!

Beach trips continued… I say continued because it wasn’t the first, and we all hope it’s not the last of the summer! The Funderburks have found the perfect place in Ft. Walton to vacation. It’s great! This was our 3rd time going and it was just as fun this time as ever! And Ethan LOVING the water/sand makes it that much more fun.

Here are some pics: