CBS | Early Show Highlights

I never thought that we’d be the parents that pushed Ethan into doing something that he didn’t want to do… but I think he’s really got something. And we’ve got to hit that audience as soon as possible so Jamie Lynn Spears baby doesn’t steal all the “New Baby Spotlight.” 🙂 Ok I’m just kidding, we just used him to get us on TV… and it worked 🙂 This is super corny, but we will probably never be on TV again so we ate it up.

Jill, Ethan, and I got up really early last Saturday and strolled on down to the CBS studios on the South Eastern corner of Central Park(… right next to the Apple Store) and waited to be placed for the show. We got lucky and were put right behind the anchors at the beginning of the show. Anyway, this video is made up of a couple of clips from that morning with us in it. One is a segment about gas prices and map quest that’s about 6 minutes long, but we are all in that one (in the right corner mostly). They do show us and talk about our sign toward the end of the clip so don’t turn it off early. As you’re watching we are the ones with the cool sign that Jill made. It says, “We got up EARLY so you would SHOW our baby on tv.”

Don’t forget to wave at us!! 

[I would hit play then pause and let it download awhile before watching; it’s 147 MB.]