Nanny Turns 95!

What a life! I have only known Ollie Mae Norris for a few short years, but I have known her long enough to know that Phenix City would not be the same place it is today without her in it. This great lady just turned 95 years old. The Lord has blessed this city with her presence for almost an entire century.

This is one thing I’m thankful for this holiday season. A few pictures from her party are below. If you are reading this and have anymore pictures please send them to me. Thanks!!

Ethan’s Birthday… Yes he’s 2!

Ethan turned 2 this week, and in case you’re wondering, Jill and I are VERY HARD at work trying to find a solution to those infamous “terrible two’s.” None-the-less they’re here and we have had a ball celebrating all week. His birthday was actualy Wednesday and we took him to Cracker Barrel. I know what you’re thinking, but when we asked him where he wanted to go he actually said, “Crak Barul.” We gave him his very own work bench! (Which he has not stopped playing with!)

NOTE: for all parents trying to get their kids to pick up their toys at night. This has been a God send! He knows where everything goes and is happy to show you where when it’s time to say “night night.”

Saturday we had his birthday party with all his friends and family! It was a huge sucess I think. Jill did a wonderful job preparing and setting up for us to have such a great time! Thank you to all of those who came and wished Ethan a happy 2nd birthday. I don’t believe he could have had any more fun!