I stumbled across this article today on AL.com. I thought “Oh, how cool!” and scrolled through the list of Alabama counties. Of all the many good and decent things that have happened in or come from Phenix City (Russell County) this is all they can come up with? Maybe it is the most memorable, but I would think, with a little research, they would see that there is more to Russell County than a sordid past. Ever heard of redemption? Well, we’re not “Phenix City” for nothing. Much like the phoenix (yeah, we spell our name differently), we’ll continue to regenerate and rise from the ashes. But, come on Alabama, get with it! Wouldn’t you want to emphasize the good in your own state!? You can start learning more by going here >>> http://ift.tt/2tNTn79 #PositivelyPhenixCity #AlabamaTown #ProudCitizen #MyHomeTown #WhosWithMe http://ift.tt/2sQuQkJ

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